• limerent


    She Loves Loves Loves Love ...

    Her first was Byron. From second grade to fourth, she adored him while he was oblivious. By fifth grade he’d fallen for her hook, line and sinker, but she had lost interest. Totally. Through the next several years there was Riley, Trevor, Raul, Aron, Misha and Jane. Some of these loves were reciprocated, not all, but each was extremely intense. Each lasted about three years, then her attraction would evaporate. She was a heartbreaker.

    With the insight of a shrink, Dr. Andreeson, a diagnosis was achieved. Her affliction? Limerence: an addiction to infatuation, the all-consuming feeling of walking on air, more powerful than cocaine. No surprise, the doctor swept her off her feet.

    limerent ... possessing an all-consuming addiction to infatuation